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Selina said:   July 11, 2017 9:07 pm PST
It has been almost a year since my little one is with Panorama Montessori Childcare. My child loves going to daycare everyday. Being an educator myself and having completed my Masters in ECE, I have to praise Ms. Khatera and other teachers for their constant care, professionalism, patience, and support for my child's growth. During the time since my child attended Panorama, she has learned many lessons to help her grow and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. I am impressed with the Montessori approach and the independence and confidence that the teachers help instill in the children. Besides the evident work and art pieces my child brings home, the lessons and comments that she picks up from the teachers are what I hope my child would learn. Consequently, I feel at ease everyday when my child goes to daycare as I am very impressed with the care provided by Panorama Childcare.

Donna Yee-Sorensen said:   July 6, 2017 8:26 pm PST
Best decision we made for our daughter's early education and well being. We highly recommend Ms. Khatera's Montessori childcare as her approach emphasizes on a child's independence and respect for their natural psychological, physical, and social development. We really found it progressive from the choice of activities ranging from uninterrupted work time, working with natural materials, exercise for well being, arts and crafts for imagination and creativity while allowing freedom of exploration and wonder. Ms. Khatera has shown such care and attention to nurturing and teaching each child's unique talents and abilities. Our daughter entered Kindergarten with the best start possible because of you. It was truly amazing and the most memorable 3 years that we could possibly hope for. Thanks again for your excellence, compassion and kindness.

Balaji said:   July 6, 2017 7:21 am PST
There is certainly a difference between Montessori Day care and the "regular" day care, our child was here for almost 1.5 years and "Graduated" to go to Kindergarden, Ms.Khatera has a well organized schedule, plans for every kid and takes care of them individually, the day care layout is very impressive, child proof, numerous toys and things for the kids to play. Not a single day I was worried about leaving my daughter here, in fact, I am putting my daughter in montessori school system as we liked it. All the kids and their parents like Ms.Khatera, its because of her care, love to kids, individual attention, friendliness and most importantly "trust and reliability", I could any day trust her and leave my kids with her and in hindsight I know she will take care of the kids with "motherly" care. We are grateful to you Ms.Khatera for taking care of our daughter and upbringing her, even before she started the kindergarden, she was well versed with alphabets, short words, arts and crafts. Thank you very much for all your care and our best wishes for you to continue your great service.

Lisa Shaw said:   January 23, 2016 8:06 pm PST
This is an amazing daycare. You can tell the moment you walk in the door that this is a place where your child will feel comfortable and will learn. Khatera creates such a calm, caring and loving environment for the children and in return the children learn to be polite, patient and respectful of themselves and to each other. My son has truly flourished under Khatera's care and I am amazed at how much he has accomplished so far. He can read and write, do addition and subtraction and he can tell me all about the planets, the continents, the water cycle, gardening and can even show me yoga poses. There is always some kind of artwork to bring home everyday ranging from drawings and paintings to sewing and really creative pieces that usually tie into whatever the children are learning about at that time. My son also calls it "school" and asks to go on the weekends. Most days when I arrive to pick him up he doesn't want to leave. I think that says a lot about Khatera and the daycare. I am so thankful for Khatera and I highly recommend you send your child to Panorama Montessori. You will not be disappointed.

Roisin clarke said:   January 21, 2016 7:14 am PST
Viola has gone from strength to strength under the care and education of Miss Khatera. Her social and educational skills are continually evolving and the personal care and attention she receives is second to none. Miss Khatera works with us to ensure that Viola is reaching her full potential. I cannot recommend her enough.

Katherine Lironi said:   January 7, 2016 2:29 pm PST
As an elementary school teacher, of which six years were spent teaching Kindergarten students, I had a long list of qualities that I wanted in a facility for my son and daughter. Panorama Montessori Childcare surpassed my expectations in all ways. It has been the best choice I could have made as a working parent. Khatera Bismel creates a calm, safe and caring environment for all the children. It is an outstanding day-care and preschool. I have referred friends and teaching colleagues all of whom have been equally impressed. My children love going to Khatera's and it will be a very sad day when my daughter has to leave to start Kindergarten this fall. Khatera's program has many varied activities that expand a child's intellectual, social, emotional, physical and artistic capacities. There is a big backyard and a covered outside play area so the children can go outside twice a day rain or shine. With all the types of unstructured and structured arts, crafts and learning activities my children have discovered unknown talents and interests. Children's fine motor and gross motor skills have been developed equally. This amazing program and care has made both my children more than ready for Kindergarten and all the school years ahead. My husband and I have immense gratitude for Khatera and highly recommend that you check out this childcare.

Raman Bath said:   March 14, 2014 3:52 pm PST
My daughter started at Khatera's centre over a year ago at age 3. I can't say enough good things about Khatera and her centre. The care and love that Khatera puts into doing what she does is evident once you walk in her door. The children are all taught politeness and patience, and mostly independence. My daughter loves going to 'school' and on weekends asks if we can stop by Miss. Khatera's to say 'hi'. This is a true testament of the pride that Khatera puts into what she does. I love seeing all the artwork come home, not just painting and coloring, but incredibly detailed and original artwork. I especially love the "learning" songs my daughter sings, the yoga poses she shows me, and the stories she tells are endless, fun, and special. I would highly recommend Khatera's Centre to anyone and everyone, and having had a son attend a "Montessori Preschool" I have to say that Khatera has taught my daughter all that my son learned and much much more, without the large classroom capacity. I'll be sad this September when my daughter starts Kindergarten, but happy to know that another child will get the opportunities that Khatera has given my child and our family. Thank you Khatera for the wonderful work you do!

Amy said:   December 8, 2013 9:18 pm PST
I highly recommend Panorama Montessori Childcare to anyone looking for a fun, creative, nurturing, educational and loving place for their child. From the moment we met Khatera and saw her welcoming space, we knew this was the right place for our son. When you walk in the door, you are greeted by a friendly smile, soothing lighting and invitations to play that would make any child child feel at home and at ease. Being an active boy, our son was initially drawn to the 'traditional' toys, cars, trains, kitchen, dress-up, etc..., but Khatera also opened his world to a different kind of play where he is exploring textures, matching colours, and my personal favourite, using a turkey baster to blow air at objects to see which are light or heavy! As a Kindergarten teacher, I also appreciate that many of these activities help develop the fine motor skills needed for school work. At two and a half years old, our son has a perfect pencil grip, can sing his abcs, recognizes letters and numbers and can name the seven continents! He can also demonstrate several yoga poses, is able to put on his own coat and looks forward to his 'special helper' days! But, most importantly, he feels loved by his teachers and his peers. He looks forward to going to daycare everyday and is always reluctant to leave. We can't imagine him any other place but in Khatera's care. She is truly the toddler whisperer...we are forever grateful!

Nilo Habibi said:   November 8, 2013 12:44 pm PST
Having a good childcare provider for the children not only gives a parent the peace of mind while they are away from them, it also leaves a lifelong impact on the children, their confidence, learning ability, and social skills. I have had the pleasure of having Khatera looking after my son and it was a rewarding experience. My son could interact with her with confidence, learnt new skills and she always made sure that they were engaged in their activities and that they were safe. She always made sure that we were aware of our child’s development, struggles and accomplishments. My son used to always look forward to going to daycare or as he would say “School” and that speaks for itself. I would recommend the daycare to anyone who is looking for the best place for their children away from home.

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